Sanchaya Nele staff regularly conduct awareness sessions for village residents on:

image Actions are being taken by women's, men's and common collectives (that are being mentored by Sanchaya Nele) to challenge violence, harassment and human rights violations in Anekal taluk. The collectives in most villages are addressing issues of domestic violence on their own. The collectives are playing key role in mobilizing people for campaigns (Taluk level and State level) on various human rights issues.

Collectivization at local level

image We are working in a focused manner in 120 villages in Anekal Taluk, Bangalore Urban District. We have initiated women’s collectives in all the villages and men’s collectives are in place in 35 villages. The collectives meet once a week and discuss various issues affecting local communities. Collective meetings are organized by the activists from Samatha. These meetings help in

We have focused on strengthening the capacity of the members of women’s and men’s collectives. Focused discussions are held in both the collectives on various issues including:

Capacity Building and Leadership Development

Ongoing capacity building of collective members is done through the regular weekly meetings in a focused manner. Many in-house training programmes are conducted for the capacity enhancement of staff members. Regular participation in the joint programs with other human rights groups has contributed to the capacity enhancement of both staff and active community leaders.

Special Training/Awareness Programmes
Targetted sessions by practising experts are held for community leaders and staff:

Campaigning and Human Rights Advocacy

We conducted many campaigns (alone and along with other groups) and have advocated on many issues at village, taluk, district and state levels on many issues. This include:

Crisis Intervention

We have intervened in many crisis situations. Many times crisis situations were handled by the local collectives themselves completely. In some cases they were handled by the collectives along with Sanchaya Nele staff. The kind of crisis situations where we intervened include: